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A couple of fics I wrote for [community profile] kink_bingo.

Title: Jeff "Nippleplay" Winger
Rating: R
Pairing: Jeff/Britta
Word Count: 762
Spoilers: none if you've seen the past two seasons
Summary: How Britta finds out about Jeff's kink.
Content Notes: no standard warnings apply

"What happened last night? Why are you in this bed--wait, why are we in this bed?"

Title: Dangereel
Rating: R
Characters: Jeff, Troy, Abed, Garrett, Leonard
Word Count: 1201
Spoilers: none if you've seen the past two seasons
Summary: Troy and Abed (as Team Dangereel, with their cameraman Garrett) have to interrogate Jeff to find a very important DVD.
Content Notes: no standard warnings apply
A/N: This is a lighthearted parody of Torchwood. There are several references to the show in this fic but you do not need a working knowledge of Torchwood to read this.

"I'm making sure this room is blocked off for Dangereel!"

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