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01-06 American Horror Story
07-12 The Borgias
13-23 Community
24-32 Leverage
33-34 Fringe, New Girl
35-37 Teen Wolf
38-40 Borgen, Elementary
41-45 Thor
46-48 Harry Potter
49-51 The Losers
52-55 Push
56-59 Runaways
60-61 The Queen's Thief
62-65 Wheel of Time

The rest here.
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Icons, mostly Troy and Abed, because well, Troy and Abed in The Eeeeverything

01-06 Archer
07-14 Community
15-19 Dexter
20-24 Nikita
25-28 Damages
29-32 Nurse Jackie
33-40 Luther

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01-09 The Borgias
10-19 Community
20-25 Nurse Jackie
26-29 Cougar Town
30-39 Stock
40-42 RDJ does yoga
43-44 The Good Wife
45-47 Fandom texts
48-50 Supernatural
51-55 Scott & Bailey
56-57 Sarah Connor Chronicles
58-60 New Girl
61-63 Mass Effect
64-66 Awake, Being Human, Batman Returns

07 wallpapers(Luther, Once Upon A Time, Avengers, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Damages)

Here @ [community profile] forsquares.
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Season 3 icons

56 icons from episodes 3x01-3x03 and 3x07.


The rest are here.