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My girlfriend and I recently marathoned all of Community so far and we're now all about Community. So I'm very new, and all these thoughts I've deemed necessary to vomit all over my locked journal are first-watch-only thoughts with no (or very little) extra-canonical information, and you will be quite right to challenge my conclusions or processing. They're also not very organized. Nonetheless, here they are.

Spoilers, obvs.

Britta feels - warning for two moving gifs )

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Here are the Community fanworks I've made so far! Some fic, a podfic, a meta post, and a vid.

Citizens of Amity (fic)
warnings: none
summary: Sort of Troy/Abed in the way the show is Troy/Abed. Contains hugs. 1000 words.

Some companions the Doctor never had (but he probably should've) part two: Troy and Abed (fic)
warnings: none
summary: Crossover with Doctor Who. It's part of a series that's a WIP, but this story totally stands alone. Feauturing Troy, Abed, Ace, Seven, Troy/Abed, and a bit of Ace/Seven. No explicit sex.

Everyone Is a Robot (podfic)
warnings: none
summary: fic by [personal profile] neigedens; Troy/Abed, about 8 minutes long, contains sex. Available as m4b or mp3.

Community: A TV Show (meta post)
warnings: none
summary: my overall thoughts on the show - basically a recruitment post with a couple of caveats.

Somewhere Out There (vid)
warnings: none
summary: Troy and Abed and I all dream of the same thing. Troy/Abed.
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My friend Yonmei posted about The Broccoli Test

One half of a couple is standing in the fresh vegetable aisle of a large supermarket. The other half is away over the other side of the shop. The two can see each other, but cannot communicate verbally. Can the other half convey to the one in the vegetable aisle that he wants broccoli?

and asked what my OTP was.

I wrote about Abed and Troy, so I thought it might be interesting here:

Today's couple is Abed/Troy from 'Community'. Is a compiled clip of Troy and Abed awesomeness.

Abed would know that Troy wanted broccoli from the look on his face and his body language. And he would get the broccoli, because he likes Troy and wants him to be happy.

Abed would set it up so that Troy knew:
Abed would gesture 'get that' at just the right moment so that Troy would see the broccoli immediately. Or he'd talk about broccoli and make up a hand-sign for it a few days earlier, and Troy would remember this hand-sign because he loves Abed. So Abed would be able to use this sign that means broccoli at the shop.

That makes Abed sound manipulative, and he is, because he recognises that he's not naturally socially-adept, and he makes up for it by being very intelligent and analytical and aware. He's a little bit like House in that.

But the thing is: if Troy had forgotten what the broccoli-sign meant, he'd run to Abed and ask, because Troy is physical and enjoys running and moving, and because it is important to Troy to know what Abed wants and to get it for him.

Troy would buy the broccoli even if it used up the last of his money and he'd actually meant to get chocolate robots with it.
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